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Therapy for low self esteem.

Extremely low self esteem.

Low self esteem can be caused in many ways. It is rarely to do with what the sufferer is like and more about how they have been treated in the past. Maybe they were bullied as a child or someone has said or done something to give them doubtful thoughts about themselves, negative self image and a low body image and extremely low self esteem. Women and men with low self esteem may have very negative thoughts of what is wrong with me? What is different about me? These are the seeds of low self esteem. Hypnosis low self esteem therapy can help change those negative feelings and thoughts into positive ones. Hypnosis therapy for low self esteem can improve self worth, body image and self doubt.

Self esteem is how we perceive ourselves, how we value ourselves and what worth we put on ourselves as a person. Low esteem is when we feel very lowly of ourselves, doubt our own worth and have a negative self image. We will also tend to think other people think lowly of us.

When feeling negative we then tend to act in a negative way which produces a negative response from other people and negative things seem to happen to us, making us feel more negative, lowering our self esteem all the time. A cycle develops of low self esteem, negative feelings, negative actions, negative responses, lower body image and extremely low self esteem.

How can hypnosis help extremely low self esteem?

By just talking about the problem, how you feel and understanding why you feel the way you do can start the healing process. Then under deep relaxation you can learn to relax yourself and when you are relaxed you feel more confident and in control.

Whilst hypnotised you can learn how to feel better about yourself and start to change those negative feelings into positive ones, through positive suggestions to your subconscious.

When you leave you will feel relaxed and confident that you can overcome the problem. Feeling more positive you will act in a more positive way and find you receive a more positive response from others, making you feel even more positive. As positive feelings and self worth grow, so does your body image and self esteem.

Types of therapy for low self esteem available.

Therapy 1 - Live hypnotherapy sessions for low self esteem and negative self image.

The first session is a confidential, informal chat about your self esteem, how hypnotherapy may help and a chance with further sessions. If you choose to return for therapy, hypnotherapy will relax you, help you to feel more positive and leave you feeling better about yourself. These newfound good feelings will grow as your self esteem grows.

There is no obligation for you to continue with a hypnotherapy session, it is up to you if you choose to take therapy any further

Should you feel that after the first session you would like to continue immediately with either a counselling session to discuss your problem further, or a hypnosis session this can be arranged as long as time permits. The fee for the first counselling session is £40.00 and £65.00 for the first hypnotherapy session, any further session are charged at £50.

To book your free consultation phone 07535796707.

Or to book your free initial appointment online click here.

To find out more about this therapy for helping to build self esteem click here.

Therapy 2 - Overcoming low self-esteem hypnotherapy or Counselling over Skype .

Skype hypnotherapy and counselling

Hypnotherapy or counselling session to help you overcome jealousy while relaxing in your own living room. Hypnotherapy or counselling therapy for low self esteem session to help you improve your body image and self esteem while relaxing in your own living room. Please click here for more information

Therapy 3 - A hypnotherapy therapy for extremely low self esteem and negative self image, fully tailored and personalized to help improve extremely low self esteem on downloadable mp3.

personalised hypnotherapy download mp3

This starts with you filling in a form explaining all about your problem, how low body image and self esteem affects you, when you have most self doubt, when you first started to suffer from low self esteem etc.

From this form I build a personalised, tailored hypnotherapy session. Once this is recorded you can download it by MP3 and burn it to CD. You then have your very own personalized therapy session to listen to whenever you choose.

Personalised therapy downloads are £95.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of this ttherapy for low self esteem.

You can order you personalised hypnotherapy mp3 therapy for low self esteem by clicking here and filling in an information form.

Therapy 4 - Hypnotherapy MP3 therapy for low self esteem.

hypnotherapy anxiety download mp3

Play sample.

MP3 £7.80

You can have a hypnotherapy mp3 to improve your extremely low self esteem in front of you within minutes.

This is a pre-recorded hypnosis session that is waiting for you to downloaded and burn to cd. Whilst relaxing this recording will help increase your confidence and self esteem, making it possible for you to change those negative thoughts into positive ones as you start to like and respect yourself so much more.

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